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Whoever said you were good for nothing was dead wrong.


Addictive relationships are always are always driven by the ego. You are “in love” with your partner but on the opposite side, your hate manifests as possessiveness, blame, anger, fear of loss, manipulation, need to be right. That type of relationship does not convey the true meaning of love. It…

In 1987, a company, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), launched Breast Cancer Awareness Month in USA. It is a highly publicized event which takes place every October. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is focused on educating women about early breast cancer detection with a particular focus on mammograms. Its trademark slogan is “Early Detection Is Your Best Prevention.” That may make sense or seem convincing to you but it is actually silly. By the time cancer is detected, it already exists, so what are you preventing then? Breast Cancer Awareness Month says it is about prevention but with its focus on mammograms, are people’s attention not being diverted away from real prevention?

Continue Reading: https://consciousevolutionpath.com/cancer-prevention-iii/

Diseases of affluence is a term used in referring to selected diseases and other health conditions which are usually linked to increasing wealth and luxury in a society. They include obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension. The assumption has been that increased luxury and wealth result in a better quality of life…

The present moment is simple. It is as it is. But the noise-making mind, subdued with compulsive thinking cannot stand it, so it runs from it. It submerges itself in the story it creates around a situation.

You have planned a party for some few people and the weather starts…

The mind is very powerful. However the mind is a tool, an instrument. It is a tool that should be used when necessary and left when not needed. But the mind is the master of many people. It runs many people’s lives. It has become the master and they are…

As we go through life, we sustain physical injuries. However we have access to bandages and ointments to treat cuts and sprains. We also sustain what we may call psychological injuries. But you hardly know how to treat emotional pain and you end up brooding over memories or thoughts that…

You may want a life that is predictable, a life in which you have control over everything that happens in your life. But the reality is that your life is unpredictable. We are in a world of forms and no form is permanent. So things come and go and even…

As I talk about pain, I am not referring to physical pain or such pain that can be felt if you touch a hot stove. When you feel the heat from the stove, you quickly remove your hand. You responded to an external situation by removing your hand when you…

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